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 * Block Editor API.
 * @package WordPress
 * @subpackage Editor
 * @since 5.8.0

/* function get_default_block_categories() – Returns the list of default categories for block types. */

/* function get_block_categories() – Returns all the categories for block types that will be shown in the block editor. */

/* function get_allowed_block_types() – Gets the list of allowed block types to use in the block editor. */

/* function get_default_block_editor_settings() – Returns the default block editor settings. */

/* function get_legacy_widget_block_editor_settings() – Returns the block editor settings needed to use the Legacy Widget block which
is not registered by default. */

/* function _wp_get_iframed_editor_assets() – Collect the block editor assets that need to be loaded into the editor’s iframe. */

/* function get_block_editor_settings() – Returns the contextualized block editor settings for a selected editor context. */

/* function block_editor_rest_api_preload() – Preloads common data used with the block editor by specifying an array of
REST API paths that will be preloaded for a given block editor context. */

/* function get_block_editor_theme_styles() – Creates an array of theme styles to load into the block editor. */

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