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/* function user_can_access_admin_page() – Determines whether the current user can access the current admin page. */

/* Allowed list functions */

/* function option_update_filter() – Refreshes the value of the allowed options list available via the ‘allowed_options’ hook. */

/* function add_allowed_options() – Adds an array of options to the list of allowed options. */

/* function remove_allowed_options() – Removes a list of options from the allowed options list. */

/* function settings_fields() – Output nonce, action, and option_page fields for a settings page. */

/* function wp_clean_plugins_cache() – Clears the Plugins cache used by get_plugins() and by default, the Plugin Update cache. */

/* function plugin_sandbox_scrape() – Load a given plugin attempt to generate errors. */

/* function wp_add_privacy_policy_content() – Helper function for adding content to the Privacy Policy Guide. */

/* function is_plugin_paused() – Determines whether a plugin is technically active but was paused while
loading. */

/* function wp_get_plugin_error() – Gets the error that was recorded for a paused plugin. */

/* function resume_plugin() – Tries to resume a single plugin. */

/* function paused_plugins_notice() – Renders an admin notice in case some plugins have been paused due to errors. */

/* function deactivated_plugins_notice() – Renders an admin notice when a plugin was deactivated during an update. */

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