wp_img_tag_add_srcset_and_sizes_attr() – Adds `srcset` and `sizes` attributes to an existing `img` HTML tag.

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Adds srcset and sizes attributes to an existing img HTML tag.


$string = wp_img_tag_add_srcset_and_sizes_attr( $image, $context, $attachment_id );


( string ) required – The HTML img tag where the attribute should be added.
( string ) required – Additional context to pass to the filters.
( int ) required – Image attachment ID.


string Converted 'img' element with 'loading' attribute added.


File name: wordpress/wp-includes/media.php

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function wp_img_tag_add_srcset_and_sizes_attr( $image, $context, $attachment_id ) {
 * Filters whether to add the `srcset` and `sizes` HTML attributes to the img tag. Default `true`.
 * Returning anything else than `true` will not add the attributes.
 * @since 5.5.0
 * @param bool   $value         The filtered value, defaults to `true`.
 * @param string $image         The HTML `img` tag where the attribute should be added.
 * @param string $context       Additional context about how the function was called or where the img tag is.
 * @param int    $attachment_id The image attachment ID.
  $add = apply_filters( 'wp_img_tag_add_srcset_and_sizes_attr', true, $image, $context, $attachment_id );

  if ( true === $add ) {
    $image_meta = wp_get_attachment_metadata( $attachment_id );
    return wp_image_add_srcset_and_sizes( $image, $image_meta, $attachment_id );

  return $image;

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