Services_JSON::__construct() – constructs a new JSON instance

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constructs a new JSON instance


Services_JSON::__construct( $use );


( int ) optional – object behavior flags; combine with boolean-OR possible values:

  • SERVICES_JSON_LOOSE_TYPE: loose typing.

"{…}" syntax creates associative arrays instead of objects in decode().

  • SERVICES_JSON_SUPPRESS_ERRORS: error suppression.

Values which can't be encoded (e.g. resources) appear as NULL instead of throwing errors. By default, a deeply-nested resource will bubble up with an error, so all return values from encode() should be checked with isError()

  • SERVICES_JSON_USE_TO_JSON: call toJSON when serializing objects

It serializes the return value from the toJSON call rather than the object itself, toJSON can return associative arrays, strings or numbers, if you return an object, make sure it does not have a toJSON method, otherwise an error will occur.




File name: wordpress/wp-includes/class-json.php

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    function __construct( $use = 0 )
        _deprecated_function( __METHOD__, '5.3.0', 'The PHP native JSON extension' );

        $this->use = $use;
        $this->_mb_strlen            = function_exists('mb_strlen');
        $this->_mb_convert_encoding  = function_exists('mb_convert_encoding');
        $this->_mb_substr            = function_exists('mb_substr');

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