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$string = getid3_riff::fourccLookup( $fourcc );


( string ) required




File name: wordpress/wp-includes/ID3/

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      ETV1  eTreppid Video ETV1
      ETV2  eTreppid Video ETV2
      ETVC  eTreppid Video ETVC
      FLIC  Autodesk FLI/FLC Animation
      FLV1  Sorenson Spark
      FLV4  On2 TrueMotion VP6
      FRWT  Darim Vision Forward Motion JPEG (
      FRWU  Darim Vision Forward Uncompressed (
      FLJP  D-Vision Field Encoded Motion JPEG
      FPS1  FRAPS v1
      FRWA  SoftLab-Nsk Forward Motion JPEG w/ alpha channel
      FRWD  SoftLab-Nsk Forward Motion JPEG
      FVF1  Iterated Systems Fractal Video Frame
      GLZW  Motion LZW (
      GPEG  Motion JPEG (
      GWLT  Microsoft Greyscale WLT DIB
      H260  Intel ITU H.260 Videoconferencing
      H261  Intel ITU H.261 Videoconferencing
      H262  Intel ITU H.262 Videoconferencing
      H263  Intel ITU H.263 Videoconferencing
      H264  Intel ITU H.264 Videoconferencing
      H265  Intel ITU H.265 Videoconferencing
      H266  Intel ITU H.266 Videoconferencing
      H267  Intel ITU H.267 Videoconferencing
      H268  Intel ITU H.268 Videoconferencing
      H269  Intel ITU H.269 Videoconferencing
      HFYU  Huffman Lossless Codec
      HMCR  Rendition Motion Compensation Format (HMCR)
      HMRR  Rendition Motion Compensation Format (HMRR)
      I263  FFmpeg I263 decoder
      IF09  Indeo YVU9 ("YVU9 with additional delta-frame info after the U plane")
      IUYV  Interlaced version of UYVY (
      IY41  Interlaced version of Y41P (
      IYU1  12 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 Digital Camera 1.04 spec    IEEE standard
      IYU2  24 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 Digital Camera 1.04 spec    IEEE standard
      IYUV  Planar YUV format (8-bpp Y plane, followed by 8-bpp 2×2 U and V planes)
      i263  Intel ITU H.263 Videoconferencing (i263)
      I420  Intel Indeo 4
      IAN   Intel Indeo 4 (RDX)
      ICLB  InSoft CellB Videoconferencing
      IGOR  Power DVD
      IJPG  Intergraph JPEG
      ILVC  Intel Layered Video
      ILVR  ITU-T H.263+
      IPDV  I-O Data Device Giga AVI DV Codec
      IR21  Intel Indeo 2.1
      IRAW  Intel YUV Uncompressed
      IV30  Intel Indeo 3.0
      IV31  Intel Indeo 3.1
      IV32  Ligos Indeo 3.2
      IV33  Ligos Indeo 3.3
      IV34  Ligos Indeo 3.4
      IV35  Ligos Indeo 3.5
      IV36  Ligos Indeo 3.6
      IV37  Ligos Indeo 3.7
      IV38  Ligos Indeo 3.8
      IV39  Ligos Indeo 3.9
      IV40  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.0
      IV41  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.1
      IV42  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.2
      IV43  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.3
      IV44  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.4
      IV45  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.5
      IV46  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.6
      IV47  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.7
      IV48  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.8
      IV49  Ligos Indeo Interactive 4.9
      IV50  Ligos Indeo Interactive 5.0
      JBYR  Kensington ?JBYR?
      JPEG  Still Image JPEG DIB
      JPGL  Pegasus Lossless Motion JPEG
      KMVC  Team17 Software Karl Morton\'s Video Codec
			LSVM	Vianet Lighting Strike Vmail (Streaming) (
			LEAD	LEAD Video Codec
			Ljpg	LEAD MJPEG Codec
			MDVD	Alex MicroDVD Video (hacked MS MPEG-4) (
			MJPA	Morgan Motion JPEG (MJPA) (
			MJPB	Morgan Motion JPEG (MJPB) (
			MMES	Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame
			MP2v	Microsoft S-Mpeg 4 version 1 (MP2v)
			MP42	Microsoft S-Mpeg 4 version 2 (MP42)
			MP43	Microsoft S-Mpeg 4 version 3 (MP43)
			MP4S	Microsoft S-Mpeg 4 version 3 (MP4S)
			MP4V	FFmpeg MPEG-4
			MPG1	FFmpeg MPEG 1/2
			MPG2	FFmpeg MPEG 1/2
			MPG3	FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)
			MPG4	Microsoft MPEG-4
			MPGI	Sigma Designs MPEG
			MPNG	PNG images decoder
			MSS1	Microsoft Windows Screen Video
			MSZH	LCL (Lossless Codec Library) (
			M261	Microsoft H.261
			M263	Microsoft H.263
			M4S2	Microsoft Fully Compliant MPEG-4 v2 simple profile (M4S2)
			m4s2	Microsoft Fully Compliant MPEG-4 v2 simple profile (m4s2)
			MC12	ATI Motion Compensation Format (MC12)
			MCAM	ATI Motion Compensation Format (MCAM)
			MJ2C	Morgan Multimedia Motion JPEG2000
			mJPG	IBM Motion JPEG w/ Huffman Tables

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