Social Icons – core/social-links

Display icons linking to your social media profiles or websites.

Use the Social Icons block to display links to your social media profiles or websites.




  • Once you’ve inserted the Social icons block you’ve got 38 choices for the blocks to include.
  • The default blocks are: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Each block requires the full URL to the social network. E.g.
  • Each block has a Link Label setting to Briefly describe the link to help screen reader users.
  • You can’t tell from the icon whose social network you’ll visit… You have to see the URL in the link.
  • If you don’t complete the URL for a block then the block may not display.
  • Blocks can be styled as: Default, Logos Only, Pill Shape.
  • The social icon block can also be inserted individually, but it cannot be styled when you do this.

Historical note

  • Gutenberg 6.5.0 delivered 32 new blocks – Social links.
  • Gutenberg 7.2.0 delivered 39 social link blocks.
  • Gutenberg 7.5 introduced some functionality that made the individual Social link blocks unnecessary.
  • If you use WordPress 5.4 without Gutenberg then these social link blocks are not available; you need to change to use the new method.