RSS – core/rss

Display entries from any RSS or Atom feed.

Use the RSS block to display entries from any RSS or Atom feed.



Example showing the feed from, displayed as a grid with two columns, showing the author and post date.

Adding an RSS feed to this site’s homepage is not supported, as it could lead to a loop that slows down your site. Try using another block, like the Latest Posts block, to list posts from the site.


  • The block can be displayed as a list or grid, with a varying number of columns ( 2 to 6 ).
  • You can choose the number of items to display. Default: 5
  • Settings include options to display author, date and excerpt. For more information on RSS and Atom feed see WordPress feeds.
  • If you fail to enter an URL you get a message: RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: A valid URL was not provided.
  • You may also get an error message such as:
    An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. Try again later.