Pattern placeholder – core/pattern

Pattern placeholder – core/pattern ( Not insertable )
Show a block pattern.

Use the Pattern placeholder block in a template or template part to include something that needs to be internationalised or somehow configured once.


Default footer pattern for the Twenty Twenty-Two theme


For examples of patterns being used in FSE themes look at the FSE themes summary for themes that deliver patterns then look in the templates or template parts for them. eg. Twenty Twenty-Two, Twenty Twenty-Three or Twenty Twenty-Four

The screenshot above was taken for the Default footer ( footer-default ) pattern placeholder from the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.


  • The Pattern placeholder block is not directly insertable in a normal post.
  • It’s coded in a theme like this
theme-info pattern included in Alara’s footer.html template part.

<!-- wp:pattern {"slug":"alara/theme-info"} /-->

  • Pattern placeholder blocks are used to include patterns delivered by the theme.