Group – core/group

A block that groups other blocks.

Use the Group block to wrap your blocks in a container. Embed a variety of blocks. Choose the background colour for the group.



This is the first paragraph in a Group block with the background colour set to Very light gray.

  • This is a list item.
  • The next block is simple block that displays the current version of WordPress and PHP.

Media and text

Paragraph with a background colour inherited from the Media and Text block and Cyan bluish gray Text colour.


  • A group block can be aligned: wide or full.
  • Use Block navigation to select the Group block.
  • Settings include Colour settings: background colour.
  • Advanced settings includes: HTML Anchor, where you can set an ID for an anchor link. e.g. groupblock.
  • Link to Group block example with a link of #groupblock
  • Save the Group block as a Reusable block.