Embed – core/embed

Add a block that displays content pulled from other sites, like Twitter or YouTube.
Embed : Twitter – core/embed twitter
Embed a tweet.
Embed : YouTube – core/embed youtube
Embed a YouTube video.
Embed : Facebook – core/embed facebook
Embed a Facebook post.
Embed : Instagram – core/embed instagram
Embed an Instagram post.
Embed : WordPress – core/embed wordpress
Embed a WordPress post.
Embed : SoundCloud – core/embed soundcloud
Embed SoundCloud content.
Embed : Spotify – core/embed spotify
Embed Spotify content.
Embed : Flickr – core/embed flickr
Embed Flickr content.
Embed : Vimeo – core/embed vimeo
Embed a Vimeo video.
Embed : Animoto – core/embed animoto
Embed an Animoto video.
Embed : Cloudup – core/embed cloudup
Embed Cloudup content.
Embed : CollegeHumor – core/embed collegehumor
Embed CollegeHumor content.
Embed : Crowdsignal – core/embed crowdsignal
Embed Crowdsignal (formerly Polldaddy) content.
Embed : Dailymotion – core/embed dailymotion
Embed a Dailymotion video.
Embed : Imgur – core/embed imgur
Embed Imgur content.
Embed : Issuu – core/embed issuu
Embed Issuu content.
Embed : Kickstarter – core/embed kickstarter
Embed Kickstarter content.
Embed : Mixcloud – core/embed mixcloud
Embed Mixcloud content.
Embed : Reddit – core/embed reddit
Embed a Reddit thread.
Embed : ReverbNation – core/embed reverbnation
Embed ReverbNation content.
Embed : Screencast – core/embed screencast
Embed Screencast content.
Embed : Scribd – core/embed scribd
Embed Scribd content.
Embed : Slideshare – core/embed slideshare
Embed Slideshare content.
Embed : SmugMug – core/embed smugmug
Embed SmugMug content.
Embed : Speaker Deck – core/embed speaker-deck
Embed Speaker Deck content.
Embed : TikTok – core/embed tiktok
Embed a TikTok video.
Embed : TED – core/embed ted
Embed a TED video.
Embed : Tumblr – core/embed tumblr
Embed a Tumblr post.
Embed : VideoPress – core/embed videopress
Embed a VideoPress video.
Embed : WordPress.tv – core/embed wordpress-tv
Embed a WordPress.tv video.
Embed : Amazon Kindle – core/embed amazon-kindle
Embed Amazon Kindle content.
Embed : Pinterest – core/embed pinterest
Embed Pinterest pins, boards, and profiles.
Embed : Wolfram Cloud – core/embed wolfram-cloud
Embed Wolfram Cloud notebook content.

Use the Embed block to embed video, images, tweets, audio and other content from external sources.



The Embed block may automatically transform to a specific version based on the URL you enter. Here we’ve embedded the Twitter feed for WordPress so it’s become a Twitter embed block.


  • The Embed block can be aligned: Left, Centre, Right, Wide width and full width.
  • The Embed block (sometimes) gets created when you paste content.
  • There are times when the Embed block displays “Sorry, we could not embed that content” and offers buttons to Try again and Convert to link. For example… if we paste this URL into the editor https://core.wp-a2z.org/block_category/embed/ we get
Core Embed block: Sorry, this content could not be embedded.