What’s new in WordPress 5.9?

WordPress 5.9 “Joséphine”, released on 25th January 2022, delivers the first bundled FSE theme Twenty Twenty-Two and the Full Site Editor to enable users to customise their FSE themes to their hearts content.

What's new in WordPress 5.9

Major changes

The About WordPress page lists the major changes

  • Site Editor beta
  • Twenty Twenty-Two
  • Global styles
  • Navigation block
  • Better block controls
  • Patterns
  • Revamped List View
  • Better Gallery block

These are all covered in the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup’s “What’s new in WordPress 5.9″ slides.

This post primarily contains links covering other changes to the core blocks.

Improved blocks – a small selection

New blocks and variations

There will be other variations for any Custom Post Type or Taxonomy that is registered with show_in_nav_menus set to true.

Post Navigation Link : Next post – core/post-navigation-link post-next
Displays the post link that follows the current post.
Post Navigation Link : Previous post – core/post-navigation-link post-previous
Displays the post link that precedes the current post.
Template Part : Header – core/template-part header
The Header template defines a page area that typically contains a title, logo, and main navigation.
Template Part : Footer – core/template-part footer
The Footer template defines a page area that typically contains site credits, social links, or any other combination of blocks.

New variations



Blocks renamed

The Query pagination blocks have been renamed:

Pagination – core/query-pagination
Displays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of posts, when applicable.
Next Page – core/query-pagination-next
Displays the next posts page link.
Page Numbers – core/query-pagination-numbers
Displays a list of page numbers for pagination
Previous Page – core/query-pagination-previous
Displays the previous posts page link.

Gutenberg versions included in WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 includes changes to Gutenberg plugin between versions 10.8.0 ( released 9th June 2021 ) and 11.9.1 ( released 17th November 2021 ). See the What’s new in Gutenberg posts, or the official Gutenberg change log or Gutenberg releases.

The current version of Gutenberg is 12.4.1 ( released 21st January 2022 ).

Some of the fixes developed since 11.9.1 have been incorporated into WordPress 5.9.

Other stuff

Custom block borders

See above for another example

Automatic anchor ids

Automatic anchor ids 🙂

Automatic anchor ids (-:

Renamed Query and Query loop blocks

If you’ve used the core/query-loop block in content you’ll need to rename it to core/post-template otherwise you’ll get warnings in a number of places.