WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” – block updates

WordPress 5.3 – “Kirk” – was released on 12th November 2019.

There are also many changes to the core and core-embed blocks.

I’m now going through the blocks catalogued in core.wp-a2z.org and updating the documentation as necessary.

Core blocks

Archives – core/archives
Display a monthly archive of your posts.
Audio – core/audio
Embed a simple audio player.
Button – core/button
Prompt visitors to take action with a button-style link.
Calendar – core/calendar
A calendar of your site’s posts.
Categories – core/categories
Display a list of all categories.
Classic Block – core/freeform
Use the classic WordPress editor.
Code – core/code
Display code snippets that respect your spacing and tabs.
Column – core/column
A single column within a columns block.
Columns – core/columns
Add a block that displays content in multiple columns, then add whatever content blocks you’d like.
Cover – core/cover
Add an image or video with a text overlay — great for headers.
Custom HTML – core/html
Add custom HTML code and preview it as you edit.
Embed – core/embed
Embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content from external sources.
File – core/file
Add a link to a downloadable file.
Gallery – core/gallery
Display multiple images in a rich gallery.
Group – core/group
A block that groups other blocks.
Heading – core/heading
Introduce new sections and organise content to help visitors (and search engines) understand the structure of your content.
Image – core/image
Insert an image to make a visual statement.
Latest Comments – core/latest-comments
Display a list of your most recent comments.
Latest Posts – core/latest-posts
Display a list of your most recent posts.
List – core/list
Create a bulleted or numbered list.
Media & Text – core/media-text
Set media and words side-by-side for a richer layout.
More – core/more
Content before this block will be shown in the excerpt on your archives page.
Page Break – core/nextpage
Separate your content into a multi-page experience.
Paragraph – core/paragraph
Start with the building block of all narrative.
Preformatted – core/preformatted
Add text that respects your spacing and tabs, and also allows styling.
Pullquote – core/pullquote
Give special visual emphasis to a quote from your text.
Quote – core/quote
Give quoted text visual emphasis. “In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” — Julio Cortázar
Reusable Block – core/block
Create content, and save it for you and other contributors to reuse across your site. Update the block, and the changes apply everywhere it’s used.
RSS – core/rss
Display entries from any RSS or Atom feed.
Search – core/search
Help visitors find your content.
Separator – core/separator
Create a break between ideas or sections with a horizontal separator.
Shortcode – core/shortcode
Insert additional custom elements with a WordPress shortcode.
Spacer – core/spacer
Add white space between blocks and customise its height.
Subheading (deprecated) – core/subhead
This block is deprecated. Please use the Paragraph block instead.
Table – core/table
Insert a table — perfect for sharing charts and data.
Tag Cloud – core/tag-cloud
A cloud of your most used tags.
Text Columns (deprecated) – core/text-columns
This block is deprecated. Please use the Columns block instead.
Unrecognised Block – core/missing
Your site doesn’t include support for this block.
Verse – core/verse
Insert poetry. Use special spacing formats. Or quote song lyrics.
Video – core/video
Embed a video from your media library or upload a new one.

Core embeds

Amazon Kindle – core-embed/amazon-kindle
Embed Amazon Kindle content.
Animoto – core-embed/animoto
Embed an Animoto video.
Cloudup – core-embed/cloudup
Embed Cloudup content.
CollegeHumor – core-embed/collegehumor
Embed CollegeHumor content.
Crowdsignal – core-embed/crowdsignal
Embed Crowdsignal (formerly Polldaddy) content.
Dailymotion – core-embed/dailymotion
Embed a Dailymotion video.
Facebook – core-embed/facebook
Embed a Facebook post.
Flickr – core-embed/flickr
Embed Flickr content.
Hulu – core-embed/hulu
Embed Hulu content.
Imgur – core-embed/imgur
Embed Imgur content.
Instagram – core-embed/instagram
Embed an Instagram post.
Issuu – core-embed/issuu
Embed Issuu content.
Kickstarter – core-embed/kickstarter
Embed Kickstarter content.
Meetup.com – core-embed/meetup-com
Embed Meetup.com content.
Mixcloud – core-embed/mixcloud
Embed Mixcloud content.
Polldaddy – core-embed/polldaddy
Embed Polldaddy content.
Reddit – core-embed/reddit
Embed a Reddit thread.
ReverbNation – core-embed/reverbnation
Embed ReverbNation content.
Screencast – core-embed/screencast
Embed Screencast content.
Scribd – core-embed/scribd
Embed Scribd content.
Slideshare – core-embed/slideshare
Embed Slideshare content.
SmugMug – core-embed/smugmug
Embed SmugMug content.
SoundCloud – core-embed/soundcloud
Embed SoundCloud content.
Speaker – core-embed/speaker
Add a block that displays content pulled from other sites, like Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.
Speaker Deck – core-embed/speaker-deck
Embed Speaker Deck content.
Spotify – core-embed/spotify
Embed Spotify content.
TED – core-embed/ted
Embed a TED video.
Tumblr – core-embed/tumblr
Embed a Tumblr post.
Twitter – core-embed/twitter
Embed a tweet.
VideoPress – core-embed/videopress
Embed a VideoPress video.
Vimeo – core-embed/vimeo
Embed a Vimeo video.
WordPress – core-embed/wordpress
Embed a WordPress post.
WordPress.tv – core-embed/wordpress-tv
Embed a WordPress.tv video.
YouTube – core-embed/youtube
Embed a YouTube video.