Blocks catalog

WordPress 5.0, released in December 2018, introduced the Block Editor ( aka Gutenberg ). The Block editor is used to create and manipulate Blocks. WordPress provides a starter set of Blocks, which are extensible. Plugins and themes can add their own.

We’re starting to build a new catalog of Blocks, intended to be similar to the Shortcode catalog.

The core blocks for WordPress are documented in /block. Other sites may direct you to these blocks. In I’m building a catalog of blocks delivered by other plugins. The core and core-embed blocks that are documented are those from gutenberg. Some of these are different from those delivered in WordPress core.

Core block summary

WordPress 5.2 core blocks summary

Core blocks are:

Archives – core/archives
Display a monthly archive of your posts.
Audio – core/audio
Embed a simple audio player.
Button – core/button
Prompt visitors to take action with a button-style link.
Calendar – core/calendar
A calendar of your site’s posts.
Categories – core/categories
Display a list of all categories.
Classic – core/freeform
Use the classic WordPress editor.
Code – core/code
Display code snippets that respect your spacing and tabs.
Column – core/column
A single column within a columns block.
Columns – core/columns
Add a block that displays content in multiple columns, then add whatever content blocks you’d like.
Cover – core/cover
Add an image or video with a text overlay — great for headers.
Custom HTML – core/html
Add custom HTML code and preview it as you edit.
Embed – core/embed
Embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content from external sources.
File – core/file
Add a link to a downloadable file.
Gallery – core/gallery
Display multiple images in a rich gallery.
Heading – core/heading
Introduce new sections and organize content to help visitors (and search engines) understand the structure of your content.
Image – core/image
Insert an image to make a visual statement.
Latest Comments – core/latest-comments
Display a list of your most recent comments.
Latest Posts – core/latest-posts
Display a list of your most recent posts.
List – core/list
Create a bulleted or numbered list.
Media & Text – core/media-text
Set media and words side-by-side for a richer layout.
More – core/more
Content before this block will be shown in the excerpt on your archives page.
Page Break – core/nextpage
Separate your content into a multi-page experience.
Paragraph – core/paragraph
Start with the building block of all narrative.
Preformatted – core/preformatted
Add text that respects your spacing and tabs, and also allows styling.
Pullquote – core/pullquote
Give special visual emphasis to a quote from your text.
Quote – core/quote
Give quoted text visual emphasis. “In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” — Julio Cortázar
Reusable Block – core/block
Create content, and save it for you and other contributors to reuse across your site. Update the block, and the changes apply everywhere it’s used.
Reusable Template – core/template
Template block used as a container.
RSS – core/rss
Display entries from any RSS or Atom feed.
Search – core/search
Help visitors find your content.
Separator – core/separator
Create a break between ideas or sections with a horizontal separator.
Shortcode – core/shortcode
Insert additional custom elements with a WordPress shortcode.
Spacer – core/spacer
Add white space between blocks and customize its height.
Subheading (deprecated) – core/subhead
This block is deprecated. Please use the Paragraph block instead.
Table – core/table
Insert a table — perfect for sharing charts and data.
Tag Cloud – core/tag-cloud
A cloud of your most used tags.
Text Columns (deprecated) – core/text-columns
This block is deprecated. Please use the Columns block instead.
Unrecognized Block – core/missing
Your site doesn’t include support for this block.
Verse – core/verse
Insert poetry. Use special spacing formats. Or quote song lyrics.
Video – core/video
Embed a video from your media library or upload a new one.

WordPress 5.2 Core embed block summary

Core embed blocks are:

Amazon Kindle – core-embed/amazon-kindle
Embed Amazon Kindle content.
Animoto – core-embed/animoto
Embed an Animoto video.
Cloudup – core-embed/cloudup
Embed Cloudup content.
CollegeHumor – core-embed/collegehumor
Embed CollegeHumor content.
Crowdsignal – core-embed/crowdsignal
Embed Crowdsignal (formerly Polldaddy) content.
Dailymotion – core-embed/dailymotion
Embed a Dailymotion video.
Facebook – core-embed/facebook
Embed a Facebook post.
Flickr – core-embed/flickr
Embed Flickr content.
Hulu – core-embed/hulu
Embed Hulu content.
Imgur – core-embed/imgur
Embed Imgur content.
Instagram – core-embed/instagram
Embed an Instagram post.
Issuu – core-embed/issuu
Embed Issuu content.
Kickstarter – core-embed/kickstarter
Embed Kickstarter content. – core-embed/meetup-com
Embed content.
Mixcloud – core-embed/mixcloud
Embed Mixcloud content.
Polldaddy – core-embed/polldaddy
Embed Polldaddy content.
Reddit – core-embed/reddit
Embed a Reddit thread.
ReverbNation – core-embed/reverbnation
Embed ReverbNation content.
Screencast – core-embed/screencast
Embed Screencast content.
Scribd – core-embed/scribd
Embed Scribd content.
Slideshare – core-embed/slideshare
Embed Slideshare content.
SmugMug – core-embed/smugmug
Embed SmugMug content.
SoundCloud – core-embed/soundcloud
Embed SoundCloud content.
Speaker – core-embed/speaker
Add a block that displays content pulled from other sites, like Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.
Speaker Deck – core-embed/speaker-deck
Embed Speaker Deck content.
Spotify – core-embed/spotify
Embed Spotify content.
TED – core-embed/ted
Embed a TED video.
Tumblr – core-embed/tumblr
Embed a Tumblr post.
Twitter – core-embed/twitter
Embed a tweet.
VideoPress – core-embed/videopress
Embed a VideoPress video.
Vimeo – core-embed/vimeo
Embed a Vimeo video.
WordPress – core-embed/wordpress
Embed a WordPress post. – core-embed/wordpress-tv
Embed a video.
YouTube – core-embed/youtube
Embed a YouTube video.